Our Mission

The mission of the Taum Sauk Fund is to engage in, fund, carry on, conduct or take part in programs, projects and services designed to improve, protect and restore tourism, and economic development in the areas of Missouri affected by the December 2005 breach of the Taum Sauk Reservoir. Our mission describes who we serve, the focus of our work and the types of work we undertake.

We participate in only those projects and programs that impact travel & tourism or economic development. Other projects, though they may be valuable to the communities we serve, are beyond the scope of our mission.

Our projects are designed to serve and benefit the people of the affected area, that is, the area affected by the Taum Sauk Reservoir breach that occurred in late 2005. The Taum Sauk Board defines the affected area as the single geographic area comprised inside Reynolds County Missouri.

The Taum Sauk Fund not only funds projects that improve economic development and tourism development, we cooperate with others and carry out our own projects, providing staff, funding, materials, leadership, training, facilities, and community organizing.