The Taum Sauk Fund is a non-profit corporation that invests its assets for the sole purpose of using the returns to fund projects that will substantially affect travel & tourism and economic development in Iron and Reynolds Counties in Missouri.

Every year we solicit grant proposals for projects that will help us carry out our charitable purpose.

Then we face the challenging task of selecting from the many worthy projects proposed those that will best achieve the Taum Sauk Fund’s goals, as identified in our bylaws and articles of incorporation.

Our vision is to improve community life for the people of Reynolds and Iron Counties. We want to do this by promoting the features and attractions that draw visitors here from around the world. The Taum Sauk Fund also works to improve the economic climate of the area by working to attract jobs, improve infrastructure, develop and expand existing economic enterprises, and encourage growth of new sectors, industries, and services.

We administer and oversee the projects that are funded through our grants, working with grantees to ensure that the benefits of their work are maximized.